OpenSea welcomes Tezos (XTZ) NFTs on its platform

The popular non-fungible token (NFTs) exchange platform OpenSea now supports Tezos (XTZ). With ever faster development, the Tezos network has many projects in store for its community.

Tezos NFTs join the OpenSea platform

OpenSea dominates the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market with more than 30% par of the global volume . Previously, NFT’s largest marketplace only offered tokens supported by the Ethereum network. Today, OpenSea is further diversifying by offering Tezos NFTs (XTZ) on its platform.

Tezos’ NFTs are now listed and available on OpenSea. OpenSea collaborators say they are “extremely excited to work with the Tezos ecosystem on this project and […] eager to welcome the Tezos NFT community” .

The OpenSea platform was won over by Tezos thanks to the growth in the activity of network developers according to their press release . Tezos has observed rapid progress of its XTZ token linked to the steady evolution of its regular upgrades.

Tezos rolls out upgrades to its network every three months thanks to its dramatic reduction in coordination costs. That’s because Delphi, last November’s upgrade, reduced gas consumption by about 75% .

A new upgrade is scheduled for February 13 and will include a brand new feature called “Tickets”, which will allow Tezos components to interact better.

OpenSea plans new projects for Tezos

In mid-January, NFTs trading volumes exploded reaching more than $ 4 million per day on OpenSea and Tezos intends to take advantage of this craze.

Tezos had already experienced a surge in its development activity when the FA2 standard was launched and its number of users continues to increase. Its regular upgrade process has attracted attention. It quickly enabled the efficient integration of innovative technologies while being constantly evolving.

This is why OpenSea will support Tezos in new promising projects . The Tezos network has a long schedule for this year and some future implementations have already been revealed.

OpenSea’s primary objective is to open support for peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges so that its users can instantly view their Tezos NFTs alongside those of other blockchains such as Ethereum. Next, it is expected that Tezos’ NFTs will be embedded directly on a website and easily shared via Instagram .

The secondary projects of the Tezos ecosystem are numerous and promising. Among them, Wrap Protocol , a tool that will allow the integration of cryptocurrencies from other blockchains into the Tezos network. The addition of Tezos domain names is also on fire and should arrive soon on OpenSea.

Finally, Kolibri, which launched an algorithmic stablecoin on Delphi – Tezos’ latest upgrade – is also taking part in these new projects.