DownloadGood Practice 1 - Start Up Loan Guarantee Scheme29-09-2012
DownloadGood Practice 2 - Credinfo30-09-2012
DownloadGood Practice 3 - Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund30-09-2012
DownloadGood Practice 4 - Micro credits 30-09-2012
DownloadGood Practice 5 - PIPE Foreign Trade Programme30-11-2012
DownloadGood Practice 5 - PIPE Foreign Trade Programme - Transfer Guide30-11-2012
DownloadGood Practice 6 - Export Atlas30-11-2012
DownloadGood Practice 7 - Cross border living labs30-11-2012
DownloadGood Practice 8 - Bisnet Transylvania30-11-2012
DownloadGood Practice 9 - Beja Global Programme22-02-2013
DownloadGood Practice 10 - ERDF Regional Guarantee Fund29-04-2013
DownloadGood Practice 11 - Regional Seed Financing Forum29-04-2013
DownloadGood Practice 12 - BMV Express29-04-2013
DownloadGood Practice 13 - National Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development - ETEAN29-04-2013
DownloadGood Practice 14 - Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme29-04-2013
DownloadGood Practice 15 - National Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs29-04-2013
DownloadGood Practice 16 - Centrope TT Voucher System12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 17 - Prototron (voted best GP of Sardinia meeting)12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 18 - Local Development Fund12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 19 - Regional Aid Scheme for Competitiveness12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 20 - ICO Framework12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 21 - Leader+12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 22 - BejaGlobal combined access to loans and grants12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 23 - The Operational Multiregional Plan12-10-2013
DownloadGood Practice 24 - Innovation & Technology Support Network19-11-2013
DownloadGood Practice 25 - The Investment Contract19-11-2013
DownloadGood Practice 26 - Knowledge Transfer Partnership (voted best of Portsmouth meeting)19-11-2013
DownloadGood Practice 27 - Support Scheme of Counselling and Training of SMEs19-11-2013
DownloadGood Practice 28 - Protect Your Knowledge19-11-2013
DownloadGood Practice 29 - Access to early stage finance30-01-2014
DownloadGood Practice 30 - Accelerace - Loan Model for Start-Up Companies30-01-2014
DownloadGood Practice 31 - Adademic Incubator30-01-2014
DownloadGood Practice 32 - Support Programme of Mentorship30-01-2014
DownloadGood Practice 33 - SETsquared Partnership30-01-2014
DownloadGood Practice 34 - InCompass19-05-2014
DownloadGood Practice 35 - CrowdAboutNow.com19-05-2014
DownloadGood Practice 36 - How To Boost Crowd Funding for Innovative Businesses19-05-2014
DownloadGood Practice 37 - Raising Finance through Online Investments19-05-2014
DownloadGood Practice 38 -Co-Work19-05-2014
DownloadGood Practice 39 - Generating Local Seed Investment Companies11-08-2014
DownloadGood Practice 40 - Jeremie ESF11-08-2014
DownloadGood Practice 41 - Mezzanine Financing Instrument11-08-2014
DownloadGood Practice 42 - Baltic Innovatin Fund11-08-2014
DownloadGood Practice 43 - Venture Capital Programme - Hungarian Jeremie11-08-2014
YoutubeVoted Best GP of the meeting - Crowd About Now - Lennard Drogendijk, Business Development Friesland17-04-2014
DownloadFull Agenda 17-03-2014
DownloadCreative Industries and Crowd Funding - Policy Recommendation Paper19-05-2014
YoutubeWorkshop Summary and Playlist of all presentations17-04-2014
Youtube3 Minute Summary of the Workshop21-11-2012
YoutubeBISNet Transylvania Project - Emil Toma, Centru RDA21-11-2012
YoutubeBejaGlobal Programme - Marcos Nogueira, Municipal Council of Beja21-11-2012
YoutubeCross-Border Living Labs - Francesco Fionda, Valle d'Aosta21-11-2012
DownloadWorkshop outcomes24-11-2012
DownloadMeeting report24-11-2012
YoutubeExport Atlas & Fryslân House - Lennard Drogendijk, BDFriesland21-11-2012
YoutubePIPE Initiation Plan for Internationalisation - Manual Montoya, CC Seville21-11-2012
DownloadFinal Agenda Seville meeting13-11-2012
DownloadDraft Agenda11-03-2013
YoutubeGood Practice 13 - National Fund for Entrepreneurship & Development - Theodore Theodoropoulos04-04-2013
DownloadKrakow meeting information12-03-2013
DownloadWorkshop outcomes18-04-2013
YoutubeWorkshop Impression05-04-2013
YoutubeGood Practice 14 - Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (EFG) - Jackie Walker, WSX Enterprise04-04-2013
YoutubeGood Practice 15 - National Credit Guarantee Funds for SMEs (FNGCIMM) - Andreea Potinteu04-04-2013
YoutubeGood Practice 10 - ERDF Regional Guarantee Fund - Antonello Chessa, Region of Sardinia04-04-2013
YoutubeGood Practice 12 - BMV Express - Mario Kokowsky, Centre of Technology for Western Pomerania04-04-2013
YoutubeGood Practice 11 - Regional Seed Financing Forum - Sture Ericsson & Fredrik Ahlgren04-04-2013
DownloadInvitation to the meeting12-11-2013
DownloadPolicy Recommendation Paper on Spin offs, Start ups and Early stage financing21-02-2014
YoutubeOverview of DIFASS Workshop on Spin Offs, Start Up and Early Stage companies19-12-2013
DownloadOutcomes of the workshop05-12-2013
YoutubeVoted Best 'Good Practice' of the meeting:, by Külle Tärnov of Tehnopol19-12-2013
DownloadInvitation to the meeting01-05-2014
YoutubeWorkshop Summary and Playlist of all presentations16-06-2014
YoutubeVoted Best 'Good Practice' of the meeting: Generating Local Seed Investment Companies, by Olle Stenberg16-06-2014
DownloadDIFASS Good Practice Guide, 43 business support measures18-09-2014
DownloadDIFASS fully underway12-05-2012
DownloadSmall topic, big impact: micro loans17-09-2012
DownloadInternationalisation: DIFASS brings the world within reach 24-11-2012
DownloadFinance and Loans: DIFASS guarantees transfer18-04-2013
DownloadMix it up: DIFASS combines grant & non-grant support schemes24-06-2013
DownloadAddressing Intellectual Property and Human Capital24-09-2013
DownloadBack to the start: Start-up, Spin-off and Early Stage support05-12-2013
DownloadGather around! DIFASS supports creativity and crowdfunding27-03-2014
DownloadLast but not least, DIFASS capitalises in Sweden!05-06-2014
DownloadFinancial access SMEs in innovative programmes improved01-10-2014
YoutubeOverview of Micro Finance - Simeon Karafolas, Scientific Partners06-09-2012
YoutubeIncubator and Science Park Role - Pirko Konsa, Technopol06-09-2012
YoutubeStart Up Loan Scheme - Kaarel Aus, Swedbank06-09-2012
YoutubeStart Up Loan Guarantee - Lehar Kutt, Kredex06-09-2012
YoutubeWorkshop playlist with videos of all presentations06-09-2012
YoutubeInternet-Based Micro Finance Management System - Andras Nagy, ZMVA06-09-2012
YoutubeCase Study - Erki Poldma, TapTender06-09-2012
YoutubeEntrepreneurship Promotion Fund - Audrius Zabotka, INVEGA06-09-2012
YoutubeMicrocredits - Andreea Potinteu, CRDA06-09-2012
YoutubeIntroduction - Emma Paxton, Workshop Facilitator06-09-2012
YoutubeWelcome - Kulle Tarnov, Tehnopol06-09-2012
DownloadMicrofinance Workshop - Policy Recommendation document12-03-2013
DownloadMicro Credit Indicator Tool16-12-2013
YoutubeMicro Loans Workshop Review06-09-2012 presentation06-11-2012
DownloadCode of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision06-11-2012
DownloadMeeting report06-11-2012
DownloadAgenda 16-17 Oct. 201230-09-2012
DownloadInvitation to transfer seminar on internet-based micro finance management systems30-09-2012
DownloadMicrofinance legislation presentation06-11-2012
DownloadZMVA presentation06-11-2012
YoutubeResults of Voting and Key Points, day 103-07-2013
YoutubeResults of Voting and Key Points, day 203-07-2013
DownloadWorkshop outcomes02-07-2013
DownloadSardinia full agenda17-06-2013
YoutubeDIFASS Mixed Grant / Non-Grant Workshop Review03-07-2013
YoutubeVoted Best 'Good Practice' of the meeting: Prototron - Martin Gorosko, Tallinn Science Park03-07-2013
DownloadInvitation to the meeting12-07-2013
YoutubeOverview of DIFASS Intellectual Property and Human Capital Workshop01-10-2013
YoutubeVoted Best 'Good Practice' of the meeting: Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Sarah Duckering, University of Portsmouth02-10-2013
DownloadPolicy Recommendation Paper - Intellectual Property and Human Capital26-11-2013
DownloadBrochure 4 Mixed Grant and Non-Grant Support Schemes18-09-2014
DownloadBrochure 5 IP and Human Capital18-09-2014
DownloadBrochure 6 Spin Off, Start Up and Early Stage Support18-09-2014
DownloadBrochure 8 Jeremie, Mezzanine, Equity and Venture Capital18-09-2014
DownloadBrochure 1 Micro Loans17-09-2014
DownloadBrochure 2 Internationalisation18-09-2014
DownloadBrochure 7 Creative Industries and Crowdfunding18-09-2014
DownloadBrochure 3 Guidance to Finance18-09-2014
DownloadSpecial edition newsletter18-09-2014
DownloadFinal Conference Agenda draft11-08-2014
YoutubeAccess to finance in Europe - DIFASS Final Conference in Hungary07-11-2014
DownloadDIFASS leaflet18-09-2014